Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009

What actually happen with terorism in Indonesia

Many people in the world always judge that terrorism identically with ISLAM.
That's silly!

When there was bomb in Indonesia, many tourists were cancel their visit to Indonesia. That's stupid!

I tell you about the actually happen with Indonesia. My country i s save.... The terrorism just be held by the foreigners who do not want Indonesia get tourists and investors, so the economy of Indonesia will be down. Who are them? They are some groups of loser. They do not brave attack Indonesia directly... like a chicken....

Do not believe with my statement above? you can visit my country and prove it.

Actually, now we do not care with the news about terrorism.... because we know that's only effort to destroy and divide our nation. Ask to some Indonesians about terrorism, they will said that they do not care with the provocation. They know what actually happen and hate them.


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