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Malaysia denies claim on Pendet dance

The polemic over Bali’s traditional dance, Pendet, which was claimed by Malaysia as their national dance, has urged the Temporary Attorney for Malaysian Embassy, Amran Mohamed Zain, to meet the Indonesian Culture and Tourism Minister, Jero Wacik.

Zain told reporters that the meeting was to acquire information about the Pendet dance issue which has been highly publicized by the Indonesian media.

“There has been a mistake or misunderstanding. We’ll seek a solution to solve this problem,” Zain said at the Culture and Tourism Department office on Jalan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta on Monday, August 24.

Zain was accompanied by the Director of Malaysian Tourism, Mohammad Norhisyam and Consulate Mohammad Yusuf.

He also expects the dispute would not ruin the relationship between the two countries. “Malaysia did not make any claim on the dance. It’s a private commodity,” he said.

The Malaysian government, he added, will not ignore the issue. “We will conduct an investigation to obtain the fact,” he said.

When asked whether or not the Malaysian government funded the publication of the advertisement, Zain did not answer. “I’m not in the position to explain about the matter. It requires a clarification so that there isn’t any problem emerges. We are currently doing an investigation,” Zain said.

On the ‘Enigmatic Malaysia’ ads aired by Discovery Channel, Malaysia claimed Pendet dance was part of its culture.

The TV ad was strongly protested by the Indonesians. The government, through the Minister of Culture and Tourism, sent a protest letter to Malaysia’s Cultural Minister this afternoon. Indonesia is even ready to file a lawsuit if Malaysia does not react to the action.

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