Selasa, 25 Agustus 2009

Malaysia claims Pendet Dance

Again... again..and again. Malaysia always make trouble with Indonesia. Batik, angklung, "rasa sayange" song, reog....and now...Pendet dance....

Every people in this world know that Pendet dance is the original dance from Bali, Indonesia since some years ago....before malaysia just claims it.

An historical scientist from Malaysia (I'm forget her name)said that Indonesia and malaysia is come from one race.... That's silly!!! I believe that she is do not graduate from her university... That is stupid opinion from educational person from malaysia. If Bali is located in Sumatra, that's may be true.... but hallo...... Bali Maluku, and Java are different and so far from malay........they are not malay!!!! please re-learn again

My boardinghouse ever lived by some malaysian students (who study in Gajah Mada University), I ever read their blog... Damn! they always called us "indon" and criticize about our nation. They think that we are stupid citizenz who always think about money. How about them? claim our cultures to interact some tourists to visit malaysia.... stupid thing! they collect money from rob our cultures......


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