Rabu, 02 September 2009


Today.... approximately 15.00 WIB, there was an earthquake in Indonesia. I was in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I can feel the great shaking of the world.... almost make me shocking... My friends were cry and run out (whereas they were cooking), others only sad n wanna cried... and I only keep silent cause I'm so confused. I felt it but I was unaware that it was an earthquake....
According to the news in TV, I know that the earthquake came from the deep sea that located west-side of Tasikmalaya, west-java. The magnitude was 7,2. wow.... almost make a tsunami. but thanks God it was not happen. Perhaps tsunami only happen in the country who always make another country crowded.
It means that God still love Indonesia and let make it as an evaluation.... for the political figure in Indonesia.... God have been show you a little of disaster that can make you die everywhere and every time...so don't do corruption and conspiracy.


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